Discreet Personal Essential Oil Inhalers
Perfect for Private Use at Home, Workplace or While Traveling


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"InScentive - To Your Health!"
Conquer the Cough
Help Break the Cycle of Respiratory Transmissions


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"Because Not Everything Should Go Viral"
Breakthrough in Lung Function Testing
Innovative, Compact and Functionally Superior Incentive Spirometer



BioPrint Devices combines technology with innovation to build and market products that promote better health for all. This biomedical enterprise has created a suite of products that address prevention and treatment of medical illnesses, real-time disease detection, and personal safety.

Our team of physicians, scholars, engineers and scientists are collaborating on products that present a tremendous market opportunity.





BioPrint’s business model combines the innovation and agility of an early stage biomedical device company with the unparalleled manufacturing capabilities and expertise of multinational technology corporations.

As such, our unique and patent-protected technologies are key advantages for our group of medical devices and consumer products. By teaming with an internationally renowned technology and manufacturing powerhouse, BioPrint has the advantage of quickly delivering state-of-the-art original and market disruptive products, worldwide.

    • InScentive™ – a discreet private inhaler for personal essential oil aromatherapy and inhalation
    • Curtail™ – a unique protective mouth covering designed to capture exhaled particulates, intended for public use