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Breakthrough in Lung Function Testing
Innovative, Compact and Functionally Superior Incentive Spirometer


Have you ever been in a situation where you found yourself wishing that “somebody made a product to do (fill in the blank)”, or perhaps “this thing is so clunky – I can’t believe someone hasn’t come up with a better idea”.

curtail cough

Well that’s the origin of Enhance™, our new variable incentive spirometer. Incentive spirometers are used at healthcare facilities, clinics and hospitals for PFT (pulmonary function testing).

Our very own CEO, John Stalcup, was hospitalized for heart surgery and part of his post-operative process was to use a spirometer to test and record his lung function.

The nurse brought in the device and directed John as to its use. It involved holding the somewhat bulky base of the device in one hand while holding the mouthpiece and tube with the other. Easier said than done when connected to IV’s and other monitoring devices.

After performing the breathing portion – not exactly easy for someone recovering from major surgery – the results had to be manually recorded. Surely, he thought, there had to be a better way.


Enter Enhance™, BioPrint Device’s incentive spirometer.

Compact and easily held in one hand, with microelectronics to allow setup for a variety of patient needs, and with automated LED and timer feedback to the patient on successful completion of the test.

curtail cough


The innovative design of Enhance provides a step-function improvement in performance over conventional spirometers – devices which are dispensed at a rate of approximately 20,000 per day in the United States. Enhance not only provides superior functionality, but does so at a cost which is at or below the cost of current devices in the marketplace.