Discreet Personal Essential Oil Inhalers
Perfect for Private Use at Home, Workplace or While Traveling


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"InScentive - To Your Health!"
Conquer the Cough
Help Break the Cycle of Respiratory Transmissions


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"Because Not Everything Should Go Viral"
Breakthrough in Lung Function Testing
Innovative, Compact and Functionally Superior Incentive Spirometer


How InScentive Works

After removing from its airtight package, squeezing the device open activates the essential oils.  The device fits comfortably over the user’s nose and mouth, and normal inhalation allows the personal aromatherapy to begin.

The InScentive device remains effective for several hours, and is comprised of recyclable materials and can be discarded after use. InScentive is packaged to fit nicely in your desk, pocket or purse.